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Terri Chrisman - the Cake Poss

I love making Cakes and Healthy Treats

My name is Terri. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Science graduate. I run a gym where I teach wellness, optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyle as well as the expected exercise and fitness. I have run 3 full marathons and 2 half marathons and I work out 5 days a week. But I'm not your average chicken and broccoli trainer (although I do eat a lot of broccoli).

What's sets me apart is that I LOVE CAKE.

Before you start protesting, let me explain. Not that cake you see in regular bakeries and supermarkets, with ingredients you can't pronounce or have no idea what they are for. Not those cakes laden with fats and sugars and strange ubiquitous “natural and artificial flavours” (what are they?).

Nope, I love cake that loves me back. I love cake that is HEALTHY. It might be gluten free or grain free, or not. It will always be based on whole foods and minimal sugar, especially those sneaky so called “better for you” sugars. I love cake that tastes like it is laden with decadent deliciousness, but in fact is likely to make you healthier by eating it. I like cake that doesn't give me a sugar high or ruin my fitness plan and expand my waistline.

I also like cake that LOOKS fantastic! I like the art of cake decorating as much as I like the cake itself.

I was only just recently (Dec 2014) introduced to the art of cake decoration. I chaperoned a group of teens on a school outing to a cake decorating class. Whilst making a calorific refined flour, sugary creation, I started to wonder if all this wondrous cakey magic could be recreated in a dessert that both looked beautiful and was also nutritionally beneficial. And so I started experimenting. The cakes on this blog are the result of my new found passion: tasty, beautiful, healthy cakes.

At present this blog is just a way of me journaling my cake decorating progress. I baked and decorated all the cakes on this blog, although I did not formulate all the recipes. I do a lot of research to find recipes that are yummy and healthy. With my Sports Science background and keen interest in holistic nutrition, I think I'm pretty good at achieving that balance.

I am committed to copyright protection so I shall link to the original recipe source wherever necessary. I’m still new at this so I'm scouting new recipes from many sources. As I experiment and become a more confident baker, I'm sure my reliance on others people's inventions will lessen as I formulate my own recipes. Please join me on my journey and try out the recipes for yourself. I welcome your comments, questions and pics of your own creations. If you know an ingredient swap that might work to clean up a cake, feel free to share. If you have the perfect healthy chocolate cake recipe, let me know and I will put it to the test.

Thanks for logging on.

Terri Chrisman, the Cake Poss