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Cake Terri

I love making special and intersting cakes

My Cake Creations

  • Buttercream Cakes

    Traditional Taste and are great for birthdays and children's parties

    Healthy Cakes

    Low sugar with tasty varieties for cake lovers that want to stay fit.

    Good for you
    Fondant Cakes

    Creations in fondant allow for perfect cakes for any occasion.

  • Cupcakes

    There are many variations of everyone's favorite little bites of heaven.

    Little but Scrummy

    Cakepops give a little bit of cake goodness and are perfect to take with you when on the move.

    Cakes on the Go
    Special Cakes

    Cake Sculptures for holidays, parties and special occasions are my favorite cakes to bake.

    Cake Sculptures
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My Cake Blog
My Blog
New Posts

Enjoy my Cake Possum blog where I give all the latest on my cakes, healthy baking recipes and cake baking tips.

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Great for School Parties & Little Snacks

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Fondant Cakes

Fondant is like a sugar clay. Great for cake creations.

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Birthdays Special Cake

Bithday Cakesdesigned for adults and children make their special day.

Parties Sensational Cakes

Impress your party guests with an amazing cake for your party theme or occasion.

What people say!

Terri's cakes look great and are just simply yummy to eat.
John - Hong Kong

I can't wait for another fabulous cake creation.
Lucy - London

Terri's cakes are sensational. I love to look at them and eat them.
Millie - Dallas, Texas

My Cake Blog More Fun

My Blog is where I post regular cake updates